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Elite Energy understands the dedication involved with sustaining a farm and its importance for generations to come. Our experience in agricultural solar continues to help farmers become self-sufficient by implementing energy improvements that lower their operating costs.

In Pakistan, where agriculture is the back-bone of our economy isn’t as efficient as it should be. The main problem of agriculture is the irrigation of water. In many areas of Pakistan where the land is very productive but because of not being have access to electricity the irrigation of water is not possible. To conquer these problems, we at Elite Engineering have come up with a solution of “Solar Water Pump System” which is more efficient, reliable and cost effective. This system has been designed to pump water for irrigation, gardens and domestic use.

As a leader in solar solutions, we make sure only to use equipment that can endure the punishing weather. We are dedicated to providing the best solution and ensuring that your solar energy system will grow your business.

Getting solar panels installed on your lands has never been simpler. Besides giving you a more balanced electric bill all year long, a solar panel installation will ensure that you have power when and where you need it. If you meet certain requirements, you can even sell your solar power to neighbors, other farmers, or a municipality.