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Approval of Electric Vehicle Policy

Approval of Electric Vehicle Policy

The approval of Electric Vehicle Policy is a massive step towards Electric Revolution. Pakistan’s
first Electric Vehicle charger is powered by Elite Engineering (Pvt) Ltd located in Johar Town
Lahore at Go Petrol Station.
The Electric Vehicle (EV) policy has been approved by The Economic Coordination Committee
(ECC) for heavy commercial vehicles and two and three wheelers to start off with. The Ministry
of Industries and Production (MoIP) proposed this eco-friendly policy with detailed round of
discussions with relevant stakeholders such as Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) Engineering
Development Board (EDB) and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The Ministry of Climate Change presented the EV policy in 2019 which was also approved but it
could not be implemented due to several objections from MoIP, EDB and other related units.
This at least started a positive series of meetings amongst all stakeholders and now the policy
has been revisited and concluded at a point where it is approved for two and three-wheelers
i.e. motorbikes and rickshaws in the first phase. The sole reason to start off with two and three-
wheelers is that it is easier to shift to e-motorcycles and it’s a proven case in our neighboring
country China. Also, the motorbikes, auto-rickshaws and motorcycle rickshaws cause pollution
in fact the major contributors of pollution.
Elite Engineering encourages technological advancements to make Pakistan pollution free and
eco-friendly state. The attempt to make the country cleaner and greener is always Elite’s No 1
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